Thursday, 4 August 2016

Mary/Miriam Exhibition 2016

Mary Waiting- In The Depths of the Divine

Narrative of Mary

Mary Rising

Christa Exhibition 2015

She is Risen

Child Christa

Woman Breaking Bread

Cosmic Christa

Black Christa

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Cosmic Walk Mural looking Forward - Megan Clay 2008

Cosmic Walk Mural looking Back - Megan Clay 2008

Cosmic Walk Mural through the trees 1 MC 2008

Cosmic Walk Mural through the trees 2 MC 2008
This art work is an Installation in the Cosmic Walk in the University of Winchester it is the story of our beginnings and the continuing evolutionary Journey of everything including ours (humans).

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Painted on a paneled screen acrylic 'Invitation to the Cosmic Dance' This is the Cosmic Christa painted in 2009.  Megan Clay

The cosmic Christic mother’s body unfolds throughout each panel of the screen as a symbol of her presence in the evolutionary cosmic story. Her head begins in the big bang and her body is literally formed within each trans-formative moment of the universes’ unfolding wonder and elegance. The sexual/sensual/spiritual interconnected nature of woman is celebrated in this invitation. This is an open invitation to the full knowledge that gives life in abundance and not one full of sin and shame through gaining knowledge, but rather a celebration of relational consciousness and knowledge, embracing the reclamation of what was lost with eve at the fall, in Genesis 1.Her body winds around onto the other side of the screen and ends at her feet under the sun with the spiraling symbolism of mitochondrial DNA to illustrate the importance of this energetic component of the genetic spiral, which is passed on only by the female through the mothers’ line.


Sunday, 27 October 2013

Quantum Being-Galactic Beauty acrylic 2009
This image depicts the quantum cosmic body of the feminine. This symbolises the sexual and spiritual connection which is not just about sexual relations rather it is the place of power for seeking justice and right relation in the world and the cosmos. We are quantum beings and are beautifully and wondrously made and evolved. Energy flows in and out and around us, in fact we are energy.

                                                                  Sexuality/Spirituality water colour 2009

Whether it be the primordial void, earth’s deep schisms the ocean or women's bodies in these depths lie the deep longing of her desire.
The connection between heart and vulva demonstrate the centre from which I operate as woman. This is what gives power and voice to who I am in the world and what activates me in my life, this for me is dunamis the raw erotic energy of the divine within.

Female Child Christa 2008
This image shows my crucified child who has lived within the locked secret place of her sexual/sensual world. Travelling through life and relationship that echo this experience unwittingly which became the key to bring these childhood experience to consciousness where I found art as my creative channel to express those experiences. This form of creativity becomes my body language a way of speaking what is felt at a deep level. 

Invitation to the Cosmic Dance 2008
This image shows through the vibration of colour the females co-creative presence within the bigger cosmic picture. She is floating on the cosmological sea of always becoming yet each stage is lived in and enjoyed in the time it takes within that process and holding each tension, as they present themselves in a dance of both mystery and uncertainty.

Friday, 1 April 2011

She is Risen 2004 Book Cover
Ritual making Women 2008 Book Cover

Being The Body of Christ Book Cover Silk, Pen and Ink 2011
Breaking Bread, Book Cover Acrylic 2009
Healing Hands, Book Cover Watercolour 2006
Sophia, Book Cover Acrylic 2008

Megan's Prayer 1997

Oldmen, Numen 2008